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Photographic Art Project: “Passages”


PORTFOLIO TITLE: Passages, PHOTO TITLE: Park And Explore

LOCATION: This photo (click for enlargement) was taken in the Citadel that sits on a hill overlooking the old port of Bastia, Corsica (Corse, Korsica). What you are looking at is a passage from the end of a street (where the scooter is parked) to an open area that has several bars and restaurants just beginning to open for the day. They are located immediately across from the Museum Of History (Musée de Bastia).


To me, the scooter is asking me where the owner is and from this, my eyes begin to look for the person who is perhaps sitting around the corner drinking Pastis and eating Figetellu (sounds like “pass-teese” and “fig-ah-telly”). When I composed this panoramic image, I wanted to give the viewer a sense of closeness, a restricted tight area that leads you into the open.

I like to use leading lines, contrast and sharpness to lead the viewers eye around the image.


TECHNICAL: This photo was shot in panoramic format and stitched together from 9 separate images and required 20+ hours of retouching work. To learn more about the technical aspects of this image, see before & after versions and, as my former Art Director would say “See the Mark magic”; download the Retouch Plan PDF below.


Format: Black & White with slight warm tone
Size: 30″ wide X 12.5″ high, 76.2cm X 31.75 cm (@300ppi)

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Author: Mark Gilvey

Mark Gilvey is a photographic artist based in Woodbridge, Virginia. He is highly skilled in many forms of photography, photo-retouching and enhancement. His background includes working in film making optical special effects, printing in both black & white and color darkrooms, high-end print and slide scanning and photo – retouching. He also has a great deal of experience in graphic design, website development, search engine optimization, motion graphics, and speaker support presentation development. Mark has been a speaker at several photography and marketing meetings and seminars in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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