Travel Photography, Motorsport, and Surrealism

This is a project I started many years ago. But like most things, life gets in the way. I had always dreamed of selling my personal photography work to the public. After probably 20 years or more, I’m finally pushing it as hard as I can.

Below is a slideshow of my current offerings in my Etsy shop. I have arranged them here so that you can see them larger and all at once because Etsy does not have any kind of slideshow feature to display all the photos of an artist. And I want you to be able to see them large. Just click any image, and it will open up in a large box.

I hope you like my work, and I hope you will buy some. It is available as small as 8×10″ and as large as 90 inches (ca. 229 cm) wide. I also offer acrylic and metal prints.

NOTE: if you don’t see a black-and-white of an image, it is because I didn’t feel it would look right. Visit my Etsy shop.

Click any image for an enlargement.

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