Projects: Overview

Explorations in street and travel photography

It is my pleasure to present my fine art photography image work to you.

I have several themes (or projects) going all the time. These are topics that I find myself gravitating toward, for some unknown reason. In fact, when I was starting street and travel photography I always seem to look for these themes and never really thought much about it. Then one day, while going through some of my shoots, I noticed that I had a tendency to shoot inside of bookstores or look for fathers with sons or how people behave during the Christmas holiday season.

Perhaps you will discover what you gravitate toward photographing too!

You can view projects in two ways.

Click/tap the hamburger menu at the top of the page, you’ll see the red navigation bar appear. Go to Projects and follow the links. 

At the bottom of this page and every Project page are text links to the PREVIOUS and NEXT portfolio within the project. On this page, below are previews of several of the portfolios in progress.


Bowling Day

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography

Book Stores

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography

One Shot Wonders

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography

Pre-Black Friday - Genesis of a holiday season

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography