Mark Gilvey - Self PortraitWelcome to my personal work.

I have a rich history in photography, photo retouching, video motion graphics and graphic design. I consider myself more of a Photographic Artist than a Photographer. I have made graphics and photo manipulations since before Photoshop (or computers for that matter). Most of my life has been spent learning my craft without ever making or showing my personal work until now. Please learn more about me in my Artist Statement (below) Biography, CV and Memberships I support.

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Artist Statement

My work starts with discovery as I go from place to place to find something new. I look for textures revealed in beautiful light, a moment as a person steps into a composition, and I look for a design, a juxtaposition of shapes among this 13th century background that is the city of Bastia, Corsica. Just like a the painter who has an idea before they pick up a brush, the moment I depress the shutter release only captures the moment, the structure, the idea.

The exploration process begins when the image appears on my computer monitor. I mold, enhance, push, pull and sometimes force the design of the image to uncover the true design that lay obscured by clutter. The viewer knows nothing about what I’ve done as they view my images. That is until they realize their eyes are being guided around the image. The viewer will see these as beautiful photos of places they might like to go.