Project: Passages

Explorations in the art of getting from here to there.

Project Statement

Every time I walk out the iron gate that my wife’s Grande Pere made in the early 1900s, I don’t like to have any preconceived ideas of what I will capture. I look for curious and subtle elements that invite me in to explore a location amongst a backdrop of 13th-century architecture.

“Passages” marks the first photographic art project that  I am displaying on this website. This portfolio of images invites us to wander through the streets, stairways, alleyways, and some of the countryside of rustic locations on the island of Corsica, France.

While you are looking through this photo gallery, ask yourself if you have ever seen similar types of passages in your own lifetime? Have you ever seen a series of staircases that connect to a central point yet go off in all different directions? Did you think to yourself how curious it was and then went on with your day forgetting about it? Have you walked or drove through a curious-looking tunnel that is oddly placed within a structure or interesting terrain? This portfolio is not about the destination or the starting point—it’s about the journey between the two.

More info to come.


Bowling Day

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography

Book Stores

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography

One Shot Wonders

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography

Pre-Black Friday - Genesis of a holiday season

Part of PROJECT: Street Photography