A quick way to make your tent canopy fit into small pockets and maybe even preserve the life of it.


Attention craft show and art show vendors! Attention event vendors of all kinds!

Have you been frustrated at the end of an event and it came time to fold up your tent canopy and you just clumped it up and shoved it into your vehicle leaving it in a mess? I understand completely. Who has the time or the degree in Origami folding to figure out how to fold your tent roof? It’s like the manufactures of these things just sit around all day and figure out how to engineer their product so it will fit in a lunch bag or something!

Relief is on the way! I just purchased two nice white tents and I didn’t want to see them become victims of crush and squash techniques I see other vendors use when they take their booth down. So I’ve come up with this how-to video that will show you how easy it really is to reduce the size of your tent canopy to the size of a pretty large burrito—sorta looks like one as well.

If you do this folding technique several times it will be easy to remember. What a headache this relieves! You just need about 17 feet of space to lay it down. Using two people will make the folding go even faster. Just remember to fold it so there is a seam going down the center. The tent canopy will look a little like a diamond or a manta ray.

Would you like to learn more about how this video was made? I discuss how long it took and other information you will need to think about before picking up your video camera over on my Woodbridge, VA based photography and graphic design business website.

Good luck.


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