Bowling Day

I haven’t been bowling for years!


Bowling Day

But on this day, I found myself on old familiar ground.

I’ve never really liked bowling, maybe because I’m so bad at it. That said, don’t try to get me into a bowling alley to show me how much fun it can be and how much better I could be. There are plenty of other things I’m not so good at that I would want to put my time into first.

However, on this day, my wife was doing a craft show in a bowling alley so I tagged along. Well, more like dragged along to schlep her jewelry and booth setup. So it was a good opportunity to take some photos in this sometimes noisy environment.

Click any image to view enlargement. Many are sequenced in a particular order.

Bowling alleys tend to feel like a step back in time, at least the one’s I’ve been to. Feels like somewhere between the 1950’s and 1978 to me with a sprits of digital to bring them into modern times—well, maybe without the sprits. Bowling has been around, it seems like forever.

Bowling allies have outlasted many roller skating and ice skating arena’s of which there are very few today.