Pee Wee’s Garage

In 2006 I began working on a book about my neighbor, Pee Wee. I always wanted to photograph his garage because it was so unique. I got that chance after he passed away. This page will discuss how I went about photographing his garage and the post-processing I did on the images. It is a work in progress.

I will be releasing a preview of the book in magazine form. The magazine is simply titled “Mark Gilvey Fine Art Photography.” It is intended to be an extension of this website. Each issue will contain a short portfolio of work along with some information about what went into it. The first issue, however, is just a preview of the upcoming book. The preview magazine is not available yet but will be published through

Author: Mark Gilvey

Mark Gilvey is a photographic artist based in Woodbridge, Virginia. He is highly skilled in many forms of photography, photo-retouching and enhancement. His background includes working in film making optical special effects, printing in both black & white and color darkrooms, high-end print and slide scanning and photo – retouching. He also has a great deal of experience in graphic design, website development, search engine optimization, motion graphics, and speaker support presentation development. Mark has been a speaker at several photography and marketing meetings and seminars in Northern Virginia and Maryland.
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